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Being an E4C Trainer

E4C Train-the-Trainer Program

The E4C Train-the-Trainer program is designed to educate professional facilitators in the E4C Entrepreneurial Education Process. Conducted in real-time, this trainer program piggy-backs on our on-going entrepreneurial workshops. We know that the only way to really learn how to teach this material is to be an active part of our education process. Trainers begin their training by mentoring and coaching entrepreneurs taking one of our programs. In addition, trainers attend weekly classes to augment and deepen their training capabilities. Finally, once approved by our training corps, led by Maggie Shelton and Dan Fink of the Relational Center, they enter the classroom in supervised facilitation. Upon completion of this training process, Trainers receive an E4C Facilitator Credential, which allows them to lead our E4C Entrepreneurial Education program without further supervision.

Once fully-credentialed, our E4C Facilitators are also given license to arrange and coordinate E4C Entrepreneurial Workshops in their communities, as well as taking on assignments directly through E4C. This Train-the-Trainer program is ultimately designed to create entrepreneurial opportunities for our trainers who are licensed and encouraged to establish opportunities within their specific geographical domain that do not compete with E4C’s on-going efforts.

For more information about the E4C Train-the-Trainer Program please contact E4C directly.



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