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E4C Testimonials:

Veterans Program Endorsements
Veteran Entrepreneurs endorse the Entrepreneurs4Change entrepreneurial workshop.
Junior Achievement Program Endorsements
E4C Veterans at Junior Achievement.

From the Entrepreneurs:

"Attending your workshop is one of the best things I have ever done, as it really opened up my eyes to what it takes to start your own business and how all really is possible. I also really liked the camaraderie everyone seemed to share too; everyone made it such a great group, didn't they? It was such a honor to be a part of this workshop, Ron, and I thank you with the sincerest gratitude I have. What a great idea it was to have gone to the Junior Achievement location, too. You really put together an amazing experience, and I will never forget it."

- Jannelle Salcido

"Ron Schultz has a profound understanding of the role and responsibilities of a successful social entrepreneur. His program brought together a group of speakers and presenters who are experts in their respective fields and dedicated to nurturing businesses that do social good. By the end of this intensive workshop we drafted an executive summary, composed an elevator pitch, and conducted market research, allowing us to communicate our venture in a more impact-full way. This program cultivated long-term relationships with both participants and speakers that have lasted beyond the workshop itself. Entreprenuers For Change takes fresh ideas, seasoned professionals, and timely knowledge and brings them together for social good."

-Tina Hovsepian and Alex Yarijanian

"Entrepreneurs4change has been a great experience for me. I loved the entire process. The guest speakers presented key information for us in regards to learning how to pitch our businesses in 30 seconds, and understanding financials as well as legal aspects of running a business. Entrepreneurs4change played an important role in my conquest to transition MACnificent Collection into a household brand.

Thanks Ron Schultz and Entrepreneurs4change."

- Raymond Courtney

"I feel energized, proud to be part of something so real and needed. Also grateful that such support appeared in my life. I feel I've gotten a jumpstart that will move me from neutral to first gear - that is priceless to me."

- Philip Keogh

"What was really great was the ambition and opportunity to complete a business plan in four days; to actually work on the pieces to put this together during our time. I really enjoyed being in a group of entrepreneurs and moving forward together. It was great to understand that we are facing similar challenges and can help each other with great impact, even though our businesses are different. I loved hearing from several different business experts; marketing, operations, finance and legal. That was very grounding. I also loved being forced to look the dragon in the eye! And finally, Ron's leadership and vision given to each individual - skillful mentoring in action, bringing us along in learning."

- Laura Rossney

"Going through this program was a great benefit to me personally and professionally. Each session was packed with information that is very relevant to business and society as a whole. I would recommend this program to any entrepreneur in the early stages of their business."

- Rashunda Rene

"Once again, permit me to take this opportunity to thank you immensely, from the bottom of my heart, for the opportunity given to me to take part in the course. It was the opportunity of a lifetime.Your support, faith and knowledge was essential in steering us toward the right path in our quest of becoming successful entrepreneurs. Your belief and your expertise impacted on us very positively.

Your unique approach also provided us with practical skills to evaluate the feasibility and tangibility of our business ideas; the positive atmosphere and the team spirit you created made it possible for all of us to open up and participate fully, in turn helping each other with their projects.

You've done even better by creating networks that did not exist for us before. The wide range of experts made available to us during the course and the continuous support from local sponsors and enterprise boards is unprecedented."

- Abiba Ndeley



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