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If you believe that the often co-dependent nature of our social systems has failed to shift our most pressing intransigent social issues - where those helping others are as dependent on those being helped as those being helped are dependent on their helpers - then you probably believe we need new answers. Entrepreneurs4Change is one of those new answers.

We recognize that sustaining a social action enterprise requires a higher level of innovation to make a real difference in the lives of those it serves. It also requires an ability to bring new alternatives forward and put them into action. Charity and philanthropy can be a tremendous help in maintaining the lives of people caught in unfortunate life situations, until a financial downturn dries up those resources, and suffering increases.

Entrepreneurs4Change is about using free-market principles to shift pressing social issues. As Ashoka’s Bill Drayton has said for years, it is not just about teaching people how to fish, it’s about completely creating anew the entire fishing industry. If that’s what you think needs to be done with our social systems, then you should join us at Lending4Change and help us bring about a new way of doing business. It’s not the answer to every social ill, far from it, but it is a means to provide sustainability and new thinking that can create that small shift away from how things have always been done. It’s a small shift that when multiplied out can alter our social well-being and our local economic landscapes for the better, nationwide.

The well worn adage is still true: the same level of thinking that caused our problem cannot be used to solve it. Entrepreneurs4Change identifies the opportunities that lie one step away from where we are right now. Taking that step requires the efforts of a new community. We hope you’re ready to join us.

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Our Workshop Sponsors

Our Green and Social Business Entrepreneurial Workshop benefited through the sponsorship and association of the USC Credit Union, The Episcopal Credit Union, Pacoima Development Credit Union, Green Business Networking, HubLA, the University of Southern California, and the Valley Green Team.

Our program in Dublin, Ireland, engaged entrepreneurs and trainers from five separate organizations: SICCDA (South Inner City Community Development Assocation), JobeCare, The National Travelers Money Advisory Board, Dublin Simon and the South West Wexford Community Development Program. In addition to these sponsoring organizations, we have also partnered with Social Entrepreneurs, Ireland, Business in the Community, Ireland and Inner City Enterprise, with special assistance from a select core of faculty from Trinity College, Dublin.

At our most recent Veteran’s program, our partners included Junior Achievement of Southern California, the Valley Economic Alliance, the Valley Economic Development Center, The Army National Guard, the Sepulveda Vet Center, the California Employment Development Departments, Canoga Park and the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans Association.



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