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Entrepreneurs4Change is a non-profit enterprise operating under the banner of The Tom and Ethel Bradley Foundation, a 501c3 entity.

E4C has and can quickly build the capacity necessary to educate over 1000 entrepreneurs in its first year of operation, within Southern California, and easily replicate those effort to educate between 2000-4000 entrepreneurs, both within and outside California, annually.

The cost for doing so, and operating the organization required to maintain this schedule, is approximately $1000. per entrepreneur. The average cost of a year in a state run university is closing in on $12,000. To cover our costs and provide the operational support E4C needs as a non-profit operation to provide its services and support its populations, requires $600,000 in year one and $1,200,000 in year two. Since everyone involved in the operations is directly engaged in the program process our operational costs are below 20% of that total.

We can create thousands of new businesses which in turn grow tens of thousands of new jobs, for a fraction of the cost of most educational systems. We hope you will consider donating to our efforts and investing in an economic recovery led by those most in need.

About Entrepreneurs4Change

Entrepreneuers4Change is not just about providing access to capital. It’s about creating the community to support all the entrepreneurs and investments being made to improve the social well-being as well as the local economic landscape. In that regard, Entrepreneuers4Change partners with local colleges and universities, corporations, financial institutions, non-profits and federal, state and municipal government entities involved in creating new businesses and new jobs.

The nature of these partnerships is to utilize the expertise and resource of each specific enterprise. Corporations are not simply a source of money, but house a tremendous amount of business acumen and market perspective that can be readily shared with small social business start-ups.

Colleges and universities are filled with the knowledge and wisdom of their professors and students eager for experiential opportunities and ways to share what they are learning. Non-profits are often directly connected to the disenfranchised communities Entrepreneuers4Change can serve, both with its lending operations and its Social Enterprise Zone education and training programs.

Non-profits also have a great amount of experience in working with disenfranchised communities and can be of great benefit in helping to magnetize these communities and bring greater awareness to their own programs through the associated marketing and PR efforts associated with the Entrepreneuers4Change operations. When these groups are brought together, utilizing what they do best, the community created can shift any social issue that may have entrenched itself.

Is this the panacea for a society’s most unfortunate challenges? If only it were. Instead, Entrepreneuers4Change can act as a catalyst around which all the various constituencies within a community can form, and in that formulation, all kinds of surprising interactions can take place. What emerges is limited only by the imaginations of those willing to act.

Entrepreneur Orientation Events

If you’re starting a business related to the “green” marketplace, including urban farming, or if you have a business idea that addresses poverty-related concerns, or educational-support programs, senior services or even medical access, you should join us for one of our introductory sessions.

The Orientation Meeting is free to all respondents and open to all forms of social business entrepreneurs. The follow-up Entrepreneurs4Change Business Workshop, a two-weekend course for entrepreneurs is a requirement to participate in our Access to Capital program. The only charge for the course for those who sign-up at our orientation meeting is a $25 materials fee.

If you are ready to start a social business and become the entrepreneur you have always wanted to be, it begins here. Join us and discover what opportunities could emerge for you, your community, and your future.

For more information about orientation events join our monthly newsletter.

Entrepreneurs4Change Business Workshop

The curriculum for our Entrepreneurs4Change Business Workshop educational program has been tested in pilot programs and proven to be well-designed and effective in educating entrepreneurs how to build and launch a successful business. It has also demonstrated that it provides sufficient time to develop the documentation required to secure a loan-guarantee through the Lending4Change program. As more organizations enlist the Social Enterprise Zone to train their populations of entrepreneurs, a shift in presentation is taking place, requiring the training of additional facilitators and trainers.
With the development of our Train-the-Trainer manual and Entrepreneurs Workbook, we are able to accommodate the simultaneous development and replication of the Entrepreneurs4Change Business Workshop program into multiple locations. All training and educational programs will be led directly by the E4C training and educational personnel.

The E4C Technology Interface

While training takes place, our Technology department staff prepares the entrepreneur’s personal pages and new storefronts. Our Technology staff also establishes the individual PayPal accounts for each entrepreneur linked to each entrepreneur’s Credit Union account. The Technology department oversees all web site operations and transactions that take place. Any and all product or service issues that surface are referred to the individual entrepreneur. All transactions are monitored continually and any untoward behavior or indiscreet transactions are addressed immediately



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