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Creating Good Work: The World's Leading Social Entrepreneurs Show How to Build a Healthy Economy

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Creating Good Work
features the contributions of 24 of the world's foremost social entrepreneurs who share with the world how they have successfully turned their idea into a well-functioning enterprise that benefits the communities they serve and the economies in which they operate.

This breakthrough book is filled with cutting-edge wisdom, practical tools and information about how to get it done and moving and inspiring stories that document those efforts.

It has been called a bible for the Social Entrepreneurial world, but the lessons within this book reach beyond that audience into the heart of local economies and the health of our communities.

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Purchase online at:
Palgrave.com | Amazon | Barnes & Noble

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Jeffrey Hollender's review of "Creating Good Work".

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Have you launched a social business or are thinking of beginning one? Do you have a great, sustainable enterprise concept you know will benefit those in need? Are you ready to get started, now?

At Entrepreneurs4Change we magnetize, educate, finance and nurture entrepreneurs. We:

  • Educate veterans, green and social business entrepreneurs, and those within marginalized populations,
  • Provide a variety of innovative and accessible ways to obtain funding and capital,
  • Nurture and facilitate on-going support for the enterprise
  • and in doing so, shift intransigent social issues by building sustainable social businesses that create jobs and improve the economy.  
At Entrepreneurs4Change, a social entrepreneur is anyone who uses free market principles to address pressing social issues, and a social business is the means for accomplishing that objective.

Entrepreneurs4Change can educate and put an entrepreneur in business for less than the cost of a single university unit of credit. Each entrepreneur trained by E4C is a $1000. investment in the economic future of America that could deliver tens of $1000s.

Help E4C educate, fund and nurture veterans, green and social business entrepreneurs, as well as entrepreneurs within marginalized communities, and together we can make our economy vital again.

What E4C Provides:

Magnetize Entrepreneurs
Our workshops give entrepreneurs the opportunity and means to realize the work they have been thinking about, struggling to actualize, always wanted to accomplish.

Education For Entrepreneurs
Our educational programs are designed for organizations and individuals who are ready to begin making a difference in their lives and their communities, but need the entrepreneurial expertise to launch a successful enterprise.

Access to Funding and Capital
Entrepreneurs4Change operates a two-tier access to capital initiative under the banner of its Lending4Change program.

On-Going Nurturing and Support
Every business concern requires community support to sell their goods and services and to operate successfully. At Entrepreneurs4Change that support comes through a variety of different avenues.

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Entrepreneur Showcase!

Cardborigami Inc.
Rent Food Broke
Ra Sol
Doh Quest Clothing and Custom T-Shirts
Brokenmind Dream Collective
(Committed to Uplifting Single Parents)
Laughing Frog Yoga
Civility Books and Music
Project E-Zine
Hub City News Online

These are just a few of the businesses that E4C has had the pleasure of helping launch. We currently have over 50 entrepreneurs both in the U.S. and Ireland trained and ready to begin opening their own businesses.
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About Entrepreneurs4Change

Entrepreneuers4Change has emerged as an over-arching banner for programs which began under the Lending4Change and Social Enterprise Zone imprimaturs. Since our operations always covered entrepreneurial education, access to capital and ongoing support for social businesses, it became apparent that we needed a larger platform from which to operate.

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