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Entrepreneurs4Change depends on the support and service of its contributors and volunteers. We are always looking for organizations, partners and business people who can help us both financially and by being of service to the business needs of our entrepreneurs. We invite trained volunteers to help us during our workshops, serving as guides and mentors to our entrepreneurs as well as providing counsel and advice to those entrepreneurs who have gotten their business up and running.

We also operate under the fiscal banner of the Tom and Ethel Bradley Foundation, a 501c3 organization, and accept financial donations of all sizes to help us serve our populations, create businesses and jobs and ultimately improve our local economies. Tom Bradley was the former mayor of Los Angeles for 20 years, and the Bradley Foundation is dedicated to the ideals demonstrated by Mayor Bradley acting under the creed of creating Intentional Civility. All tax-deductible financial contributions to E4C go through the Bradley Foundation and are channeled directly to us.

We are open to any creative ideas as to how you might be able to help us serve our entrepreneurial populations, and encourage you to contact us. What we do takes a community to succeed. We welcome your support and hope you will join our community.

When you become a member of the Entrepreneurs4Change community you join a network of people who believe that there are innovative and imaginative ways to make a positive impact. You will help build a new community, dedicated to getting things done and shifting our thinking as to what is possible. You will be connected to others like yourself who want to take action, and you will be given opportunities to do so, and to create new opportunities. If you have the courage – from the Latin root word meaning, acting from the heart – then what lies within this site is nothing less than the activation of the possible.

Donate to E4C

Entrepreneurs4Change is a non-profit enterprise operating under the banner of The Tom and Ethel Bradley Foundation, a 501c3 entity.

E4C has and can quickly build the capacity necessary to educate over 1000 entrepreneurs in its first year of operation, within Southern California, and easily replicate those effort to educate between 2000-4000 entrepreneurs, both within and outside California, annually.

The cost for doing so, and operating the organization required to maintain this schedule, is approximately $1000. per entrepreneur. The average cost of a year in a state run university is closing in on $12,000. To cover our costs and provide the operational support E4C needs as a non-profit operation to provide its services and support its populations, requires $600,000 in year one and $1,200,000 in year two. Since everyone involved in the operations is directly engaged in the program process our operational costs are below 20% of that total.

We can create thousands of new businesses which in turn grow tens of thousands of new jobs, for a fraction of the cost of most educational systems. We hope you will consider donating to our efforts and investing in an economic recovery led by those most in need.

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Sponsor An Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs4Change can educate and put an entrepreneur in business for less than the cost of a single university unit of credit. Each entrepreneur trained by E4C is a $1000. investment in the economic future of America that could deliver tens of $1000s. Help E4C educate, fund and nurture veterans, green and social business entrepreneurs, as well as entrepreneurs within marginalized communities, and together we can make our economy vital again.

Sponsor an E4C Entrepreneur - $600.

Create A Program

If your Organization is interested in creating a Micro-Finance Program for the population you serve, contact us. We will gladly take you through the process of how you can get things going within your organization, so that you too can provide new possibilities and opportunities to those who can use it most.



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