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2 Shea’ Communications

Developed by: Shalonda A. Sims
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Any corporate survey will tell you, the biggest issue an organization faces is poor communication. Enterprises continually fail to articulate their message effectively, or they think they can’t afford to have someone actually present that message so that it sticks. Unless that message is clearly presented, how will customers know what the business does, or how it differentiates itself from its competitors? When an enterprise hasn’t defined its business clearly, the result is nothing less than a loss of business. In times like this, no business can afford that.

On the page, on the web, or on camera, 2Shea’ Communications channels your message and makes it “POP.” Our mission is to effectively relay the thoughts and aspirations of our clients using the appropriate media that best reflects their message. 2Shea’ Communications recognizes the command and persuasiveness when the language is used properly. As a premier Communications Services firm, we provide first-rate services and products designed to give our clients a competitive marketing edge. Our published products are marked with distinction. Each client receives personalized service intended to make his message relevant and relate-able. As our motto explains, our creative and inspirational marketing images “POP.”

2Shea’ Communications is a sole proprietorship consulting firm run by Shalonda A. Sims. Our written, web or in-person services are tailor made and purposed to enhance each client’s aspiration, marketing image and product or service. Focusing on locally-owned small businesses and personal clients operating in both traditional bricks and mortar locations and on the Internet, 2Shea’ Communications brings cost effectiveness to the public relations world.

Utilizing our store front on the Social Enterprise Mall, connecting with sites for professionals and their businesses like Linked-In is paramount for our marketing and sales. Moreover, that personal touch of personal consulting, fliers and mailer distribution to our small business clients and sub-contracting with other communication companies is sure to enhance and elevate our marketing position. Direct and to the point, 2Shea’ Communications business operation is distinctive writing, Par Excellence!

On the page, on the web and on camera, there are few offering the comprehensive and personalized service we can provide at 2Shea. This is not to say there are not a lot of well-established communications companies turning out lots of words. The competition is intense. But we see competition differently. We see it as an opportunity to learn and then take from that learning in order to move beyond those more entrenched in their ways.

By establishing an initial client base client fees and retainers 2Shea should generate between $2,500.00 to $5,000.00 a month, after six months of operations.

Everyone in business has an innate need to be expressive and get the message out. But sometimes people just don’t have the declaration or the statement needed to be properly understood. 2Shea Communications channels the message and brings it to life, creating the style and flare appropriate to convey the message and then we make it “POP.”


I have had more than one defining moment in my life time that has pointed me toward my re-direction. Being homeless for the first time in my life, I have had doors open for me that I sensed would not have opened or been available to me if I had my own - my longing to create, the time to create, and having the vehicle to get to where I needed to go.

With my family, (MY SUPPORT) gone and having no one in or around my life, my being, my presence was an indefinite absence. A great deal of fulfillment was gone. Joy, love and stability were gone. Fear was ever-present. I realized that the very one’s that I missed (FAMILY) were the ones who insisted I follow these crafts and gifts in me. With all opportunity and love woven into my challenges, I was now given the time to do what I needed to. It was over-whelming!

My moment arrived four to five years ago. Sitting, still, in amazement of my faculties, and MY mind, I reflected on what I actually held within: the power and knowledge that was simply there. I could see and feel the consumer. I saw lives changing with words that I could use to shape, build or tear down a human spirit.

There’s more to say, it just hasn’t come yet. Surrounding me and before me are comfort, stability, positive reinforcement, spreading and furthering adjacent opportunities and respectfully acquiring an unconditional love.


E4C focuses on three primary populations of entrepreneurs: Veterans, Green and Social Businesses, and those who find themselves operating within marginalized communities.

If you are interested and can find a way to contribute to their success, we would love for you to contact us directly and we will connect you to them.

These are an amazing group of dedicated and hardworking entrepreneurs, and we think each and every one of them is certain to succeed, especially with your help.

Shalonda A. Sims


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