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P.A.N.E. Staffing
Prevention Alternatives for Neighborhood Empowerment

Developed by: Darrell Glover
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Our young people are growing up without an understanding of the work environment and appropriate work skills necessary to sustain a job. Because of this employers have been unwilling to bring these people into the workforce. ln addition, there are few places where kids can go to learn the lessons necessary for them to assume the real life responsibilities they face. Without these opportunities, our unemployable youth become a security threat to our local neighborhoods, a tax burden on the community as a whole and a drain on our social services.

We cannot continue this destructive path.

Prevention Alternatives for Neighborhood Empowerment (PANE) is a staffing operation for young people, 16-24, designed to help them before they find themselves in trouble. PANE is the transition alternative for those without skills to find their way into a successful work environment. P.A.N.E. Staffing provides local businesses with an easy and trusted source for obtaining trained, drug free, hardworking, and employable youth. P.A.N.E. Staffing does this by guaranteeing that each young person P.A.N.E. Staffing employs has passed a drug test and undergone specific training in business relationships, substance abuse awareness, conflict resolution, and business decorum and etiquette. P.A.N.E. Staffing will be run and managed by Darrell Glover who is the executive director of P.A.N.E. lnc. and °s a graduate of the University of Southern California's institute of Violence Prevention as well as a graduate of the University of Southern California's Center of Religion and Civic Culture's Clergy AND Lay Leadership institute. P.A.N.E. Staffing's customers will be the businesses who operate in and around the Los Angeles community.

P.A.N.E. Staffing will separate °itself from its competition in two very °important ways. First, P'A'N.E. staffing offers its customers a chance to support the local community development effort by employing local young people who are committed to ending the gang violence and drug abuse that permeates their communities. Second, unlike traditional staffing agencies that only offer employs employees that match the employers requested skill set, P.A.N.E. Staffing will be providing the employer with employees that have been specifically trained in business relations and etiquette as well as screened for drug use. P.A.N.E. Staffing will market its services through local community meetings, business meetings, faith based congregations, and educational institutions. P.A.N.E. Staffing will be able to maintain a very low overhead because it °s partnered with P.A.N.E. lnc. P.A.N.E. lnc. will be providing the business location and specialized training programs as well as an added marketing platform. P.A.N.E. Staffing will need some °initial capital to pay for its business formation, telephone number, drug tests, and accounting software. However, P.A.N.E. Staffing expects to bring in approximately 5500 a week within its first three months and within three years to bring in approximately 51,700 a week.

Providing young people with an alternative to negative and destructive lifestyles °s all about putting them to work. P.A. N. E Staffing comes from the same streets as the young people °t plans to help employ. But P.A.N.E. Staffing knows itís not just about understanding the landscape and the environment. lt's about access and opportunity, too.


In the beginning, my real life experience came on the streets of to my community. I wore the shoe Ė I was the founder of a street gang, formed to protect our community. Out of that, I learned there was a better way than living a gang life. When I first heard about the USC Institute of Violence Prevention, I knew in my heart that this was the work I was supposed to do. Out of hundreds of applicants, I was one of only 100 invited to participate in the Institute and one of only 50 to graduate. I went on to graduate from the Center for Religion and Civic Culture (The Passing the Mantle Program Ė (dealing with civic engagement), and now, I am approaching my ministry certificate.

Building a business out of the non-profit I started to keep young people out of trouble before they get into it, will certainly provide a sense of accomplishment and gratitude , but it will also mean I have contributed positively to the lives of others lives.

I now know it is possible to guide and advise people and share my life experiences as a way to benefit others. Having a successful business will give credibility to what I can offer. It means that my life has become a living sacrifice to God so that I can help others. And thatís a turnaround. 


My name is Darrell Glover. Iím a graduate of the Center of Religion and Civic Cultures Institute of Violence Prevention at USC. Iíve incorporated P.A.N.E Inc. (Prevention Alternative for Neighborhood Empowerment) - a gang and violence reduction youth development program. Having grown up in Compton and seeing the inception and growth of gangs and violence over many years since the 70ís, Iíve been moved to dedicate the rest of my life to make a difference in the lives of others.

Every 2 or 3 years, another wave of youth getting caught up in the cycle of gang life and it pains my heart to see these kids who are at risk and have above average grades and athletic skills fall into this lifestyle simply because there are so few avenues that provide access into the workforce or higher learning institutions. PANE Inc. equips these young people with employment and life skills that assist them in transitioning from adolescence to adulthood.

P.A.N.E Staffing will act as an intermediary to alleviate an employerís concern of having at risk youth working for them, while providing and negotiating placement for these young people. P.A.N.E. Staffing is the social entrepreneurial component to support our greater community development effort. 


E4C focuses on three primary populations of entrepreneurs: Veterans, Green and Social Businesses, and those who find themselves operating within marginalized communities.

If you are interested and can find a way to contribute to their success, we would love for you to contact us directly and we will connect you to them.

These are an amazing group of dedicated and hardworking entrepreneurs, and we think each and every one of them is certain to succeed, especially with your help.


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